What are you guys looking for when you accept someone :)

Depends on if you are talking about OCs or Auditions.

We don’t really look for anything specific when we accept someone from an audition, especially since we haven’t really gotten many auditions yet. As for OCs….basically the same applies there as well. We are open to just about any face be it a movie star, singer, youtuber, ect. But the main three “species”, if you will, of characters available at this time are:

Other than that….We allow free reign on creating an OC. If we feel there is anything that is a little off we will be sure to message you before putting the OC bio up.

~ Admin Jackie


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We’re looking to start up, we already have four/five people ready to go but now we need you! Time for you to look through our characters and take someone. Be it Alexis Cross or whoever else. So come take a look it’s about time we started this thing up.

Your friendly Mod Team

When she came to earth in human form the first time she allowed herself to be sacrificed as a man, but in the present she is a young girl and very much ready to fight. She’s posing as Alexis’ younger sister when she really is the son of God. Just as before she felt human emotions, this time she finds it more complicated with feelings of anger and lust and attraction she’s never felt before. She sees what people think of her past life, how they warp her message and it hurts her. But in the name of hiding who she is, she’ll keep her mouth shut and support her “sister” the whole time. This time, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.


~Meet the admins part 2~

I’ve been forced at gun point to greet you all, and if I don’t my “better” half in crime is going to hunt me like a scared animal. So hay ya’ll!

Name: Paul

Age: 19

Timezone: England time - GMT

Preferred Face: Jim Carrey

About me: So basically Between Kelvin and Hell is actually based on an idea I have for a book called Bedroom Hymns, really the book was going to center around Alexis/Mr Nick and then the West family so Damien, Lucas, the Quinn girls, Rufus and Gabriel. And it was going to be half way through the book that the idea of the immortal child was introduced. But I suck as a writer and me and my associate Jackie decided it’d make for a pretty cool roleplay, so I basically just picked all the faces I liked and fashioned fancy characters for them which is why most of them are people from fandoms I am apart of.

But I’m not precious about faces or bios, I’m only one man with limited ideas, so offer your own loved faces and offer your own character ideas and we’ll set them up and you can breathe life into them.

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~Meet the admins part 1~

Hello you beautiful creatures of Earth! Since it seems we have a few followers that are a little skittish in applying I think it’s about time to introduce ourselves….and by ourselves I mean me and my co-admin/partner in crime.

Name: Jackie

Age: 19

Time zone: EST

Preferred Face: Jenna Louise Coleman

About Me: What to say… Well, I’ve been RPing for about two years now and this is the first time I’m trying my hand at admining. usually I’m online most of the day(EST days that is) and I’m either here or on my personal. I’m the one behind the look of the page itself and the bio templates. I’d attempt to write some bios too but this entire thing is basically my partner’s brain-child and I’m not nearly that creative. But who knows? Maybe an idea will strike me. I’m still new to actually making things like navigation pages and such but I’m hoping that with some meddling to get better at it.

Come and apply, ask some questions, or hey, you can even make up your own character if you like! I promise we don’t bite.

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We are looking for people to join this rp so we can get things going.

So take a look, audish and join!

-the mods

Steph is a total badass, the strongest woman you could ever meet, she won’t let any man or woman stand on her toes. It’s why Alexis likes her so much, they get on like a house on fire. Alexis looks to her as a sort of younger sister. In human form she works as a guidance coach, she also looks after Milo when she can. She actually has an interest in being with Althea but hasn’t exactly come to terms with her sexuality as of yet, telling little Milo and her brother Tom might be a good start, although Alexis has always known, and has never judged her because of it.


Sarcastic, witty, and on her dad’s side the whole way. Katie Shaw is not her brother, she actually does go out and meet people, she’s just the snappy, no shit sort of girl you always want to be friends with but just can’t. Her brother is the lone wolf type, she’s more the chatty cut you down with words type. Most of all, she’s looking to help end the threat of Angels and Demons, and sides with Chris the whole way. If only she could have a personal life and not be interrupted by her dad sticking his nose in.


Sam isn’t the sort to start a fight, though he easily could. He’s a bit of a loner, he’s closer to his mom than his dad. He differs in opinion with his father, he wants to grow up maybe have a family and a good job, the proper suburban life. But, his father’s rebellion threatens that. He takes his mother’s side on the whole matter, and it doesn’t help that he simply hates most other people. He wants to be alone and just do his own thing – he finds the life he has to be too crowded, filled with the wrong people. So far anyway…


Dianna is everything Chris isn’t, she is calm, she’s understanding and most of all she isn’t bothered by the whole angel and demon presence in the city. It doesn’t seem to affect her life or family in any way. Although secretly she wants to find out which person is God and ask them why they allowed her parents to die. But, it’s not a pressing matter. Her family is. She’s the High School’s best English Literature teacher and that’s how she met her hot headed husband. She shares a close bond with her children who trust her unconditionally.


He might be a little tough to get along with but Chris is actually a very good and caring man. He just hides it under the guise of being a jerk. He knows about angels and demons and is trying to stop them, he wants to start a revolution against them, which he and his devoted wife are against. He also holds down a job as the principle of JFK High, Kelvin’s biggest High School. He knows that there are people who aren’t what they seem on the staff and in the student body. He can also be quite aggressive, but only when threatened or seeing someone he loves in danger.


Welcome to Kelvin, Lynn!

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We’re looking for more people to sign up for Between Kelvin and Hell so we can open up shop and actually begin rping.

Why not take a look at our various characters, browse, even suggest a face or personality you’d like to see - we’re happy to help like that.



Name: Thou Shant be Named in Decent Company AKA David

Age: 23

Activity: Sexual or…. because yes either way

Location: Excuse you creeper, but I live in AMERICA, well Kentucky


Name: Lynn Quinn

FC: Emma Roberts

Para Example: 

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